About us

Intercard AG is a leading supplier of card personalisation systems.

Thus we have multiple state-of-the-art Datacard personalisation and packaging lines.
Recent years have seen significant developments in card technology, from magnetic strips to cryptoprocessor chips, and Intercard AG is now able to meet highly complex requirements in card personalisation and lettershop services.

This development was only possible thanks to the trust in our services such as data integrity and in optimal work processes of corresponding quality. Thanks to the trust of many famous customers, we have been able to continuously expand and improve our market performance, quality, and the card personalisation processes in our service centre, as well as in customer installations.

Our activity is now divided into two main areas:
Card printers, ID software, system integration with card management solutions
As a general agent of Datacard products for Switzerland, card personalisation is one of our core activities. In this area we offer corresponding devices tailored to the customer requirements from the large product range of Datacards. Upon request, we integrate these systems into our customers’ software environments as a turnkey solution.

Services for card personalisation and card shipment
In the service centre, established in 1994, we are now able to personalise up to 130,000 cards each day and process them for mailing. We have state-of-the-art Datacard systems and high-performance Otto Künnecke packaging machines in the mail shop. Our know-how has expanded continuously with our customer orders, and we list our references with pride.